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Moms; be happy to be alive today. Happy Mother’s Day!

7 May, 2016
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Moms; be happy to be alive today.

Happy Mother’s day to all the Moms out there. I hate to put a crazy title to this but I am living in a crazy world right now. A world where one day is normal and the next is not. I am living in a world of post partum depression. I am not depressed. But I have the other symptoms. I am off. I have anxiety. My mind races. I can’t cope like I used to. Oh my.

You think for having 9 kids in 10 years I would have it down pat. I do not. I have never experienced PPD like now. I am grateful for my sane moments. I am grateful when I can play with my kids. I am grateful when I can drive. I am grateful for every EFFIN thing. Because when you go from totally normal to totally insane you become grateful. Be happy to be alive and normal Moms.

I am happy to be alive today. My baby was born the end of March. After a week of birth I did not think I would live. I felt like I died. In ER terms I did not but to me I was so close to death.

Here I am and I am coping with this. And all I want to say is that for those of you who are normal out there…you Moms..please embrace this; your Motherhood. For those of you struggling like me right now; there is not a lot to be said. But, I salute you. Keep going. You’ve got this. It will end!

To all Mothers, no matter what; the times when you feel overdone, overworked, underpaid…Remember your reward is in heaven. I believe it is. You are not doing this for nothing. Despite what the world says…you are forming people AND THAT IS THE MOST EFFIN IMPORTANT JOB IN THE WORLD.

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God bless,