Sunday UN-day


Sunday UN-day

7 Sep, 2014
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Yeah so for many of you Sunday is funday…for me, not so, oh not so! It’s simple. Sunday is not only a day of “rest” but it’s also game day (as in, football). Only Moms know that when a Mom rests the world crumbles and I mean that literally. The dishes pile up, the laundry overflowth, the house is in shambles. But hey, who cares because everyone is happy and rested? Save Mom.

Before I was married Sunday was funday. But now it’s UN-day. Un-day meaning all the work I did all week long is undone. And that is precisely why I call Mondays deep clean Mondays! I re-do all of the work that I did all week long that was undone so as to keep it all in order and oh yeah, myself SANE!

Today I had anxiety. The hour was approaching: 4 p.m. I knew it so you think I would have mentally prepared for it but alas I was in denial. Do they cancel NFL games? Will the power go out? SOMEONE SOS, SOS! FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS GOOD SOS!

But there it was, facing me, dead on in the face, in my beautiful media room which I had created for my children but my husband overtook it for oh yes, football! There he was, my hubby all clad in 49ers clothing. I used to be a Giants fan like my Daddy but when I was at the altar I had to vow to be a 49er fan too. Oy vey!

So I try to act calmly. We straighten up the house which will be destroyed anyway. “I clean up to make a mess” is my new song. Everything is well. Kids are in their places: older boys in their bedrooms playing the PS3, girls doing dress up, and the little ones with me. Dad is in the media room. Not even a few minutes into it and my husband is screaming! Did someone die? Is everyone ok?! Oh, the 49ers scored a touchdown within the first 50 seconds. I look at him and say, “I’m going to check the rice.” I mean really, must we scream?

After I check the rice I decide to allow all the kids in one bedroom for fun. Ha! The twinkies (aka my 2 year olds) think it is fun to tear down the books one by one from the bookshelf. Maybe this was a bad idea. Then my hubby screams! “Honey, are you watching this?” “Oh yes, dear, I am watching 8 kids and a TV- all at the same time! Go me!” NOT. But the funny part is that my eldest child, a boy, age 8 said, “Don’t worry Mom, I got it, I’ll watch the kids, you go hang out with Dad and watch the game.” I give the kid credit for being selfless but I think to myself, “I’ll just go upstairs check the rice and, um, grab the chardonnay!”

All joking aside, Sunday may be an UN-day for me but in the midst of the un-doing it is also fun. At halftime we will join together to eat as a family and then we will finish the game together in the media room. After the sacred hour of football ends it is back to business for us: stories, bath time, prayers and bed.

Whether it’s an UN-day for you or a funday for you I hope you had a blessed one.

God bless,


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  1. JoAnne September 8, 2014 at 10:29 am Reply

    loved this one!

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