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What I Learned From Our New Garbage Rules!

So this is the second time I have intended to blog on pee and poo but alas, other more important topics have come to mind! Sorry, I imagine you are disappointed. Well, in theory part of this blog could be about it anyways since I will talking about garbage! Garbage? Yes! Garbage. Let me preface […]

13 Sep, 2017 JoAnne

Why This Mom Respects Taylor Swift

So…I normally do not blog on other people. I think I blogged on a musician once before. I should be blogging on baby/kid pee and poop like I intended to but today I just can’t. Today I just have to blog on Tay Tay, aka Taylor Swift. So recently in the news I read about how […]

25 Aug, 2017 JoAnne

The Way To Overcome Your Fears: Face Your Fears Head On!

It’s funny when I think about my fears over the years. I do not remember having many fears. I always remember being an adventurous kid not afraid of much. As I got older I think I became more afraid of emotional or societal -per se- matters instead of physical matters: fear of not being loved by […]

3 Aug, 2017 JoAnne