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A Poem From My Future Self

Empty. Empty nest. I knew this would happen. They warned me, “Enjoy this time now because it goes by so fast!” I kindly smile at them then turn around and roll my eyes. If only; if only they knew everything I had to deal with on a day-to-day basis. “They don’t understand!” I thought.   […]

19 Oct, 2017 JoAnne

Mourning The Old You

I recently went out to dinner with my sisters. It was such a great time because we never really get a chance to see each other. My sister recently got a job so she was very pumped up in sharing all about it. She too was someone who for the majority of her life has […]

10 Oct, 2017 JoAnne

What I Learned From Our New Garbage Rules!

So this is the second time I have intended to blog on pee and poo but alas, other more important topics have come to mind! Sorry, I imagine you are disappointed. Well, in theory part of this blog could be about it anyways since I will talking about garbage! Garbage? Yes! Garbage. Let me preface […]

13 Sep, 2017 JoAnne