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Fed is Fed. My Journey With Pumping and Breastfeeding

Hey everybody! Let me warn you: this post will be long. Sorry but a tis true! It’s been awhile since I posted real content and this content I hold dear to my heart so #sorrynotsorry Let me preface this blog by giving y’all some backdrop. I am a mom to now TEN children ages TWELVE and […]

29 Nov, 2018 JoAnne

Loss continued…

One day you are here the next you are not. One day I am blogging a lot the next day not so much. For seven months I have, as always, have blog ideas in my head…I even have some written out in my head. But, I don’t want to write… You were my number one […]

19 Nov, 2018 JoAnne

What Happens When The Comic Doesn’t Want To Laugh?

When I started this website/blog it was really to laugh and to share my comic life with my 9 kids and husband. I have always had a funny streak to me and well, my life is funny thanks to my kids. However, in the past couple of years due to my postpartum depression and anxiety […]

30 Jun, 2018 JoAnne