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My First Full Day of Mommy Freedom (Back to School) – It’s a bust!

2 Sep, 2014

So there I was last night dreaming of today. A day when all Mothers are liberated! Set free from more or less 8-3! Had I known what my day would have been like I would have stayed in bed! Oh wait, I can’t do that – I’ve got 8 little kids! Anywhoo…

I had finished my work for my job and it was about 4 a.m. No sooner do I get into dreamland and my husband’s alarm goes off. Bust #1. I look over 4:30. WTH is he thinking? Half asleep oh yeah, first day of school for him too (he’s a Principal). I realize he wants to exercise before he leaves for work (must be nice!).

So I try to go back to sleep. After all I am sure that the extra hour of sleep is going to do wonders for me. NOT. Why? Five minutes later I hear him…that little beautiful “lifesucker”, #8 – the 3 month old- all ready to eat! I go against all the books and bring the kid to bed and nurse him. At this point I figure I’ll just get up. So it’s almost 6 a.m. and I get my coffee perking and as my husband is on his way out the door I tell him to close his eyes and envision the title of my book as I share it with him. To which I get this weird look. Ok, I guess he doesn’t like it. Bust #2. I try to convert him to the dark side of understanding my reasoning but it did not work.

Off to work he goes and I am left a tad bit down but that’s ok, onward and upward we go! I have HALF of my cup of coffee and my second child comes upstairs. Perfect. He’s awake before the alarm went off. Come on laddy, let’s get you dressed! Proud of myself that I had laid out all 4 kids’ uniforms the night before I take my son to get him ready. He says to me, “Mom, isn’t today Gym Day?” to which I reply, “No.” He looks at me in disbelief and says, “Mom, I sent a note home: Gym is Tuesdays and Thursdays.” Bust #3. Oh crap! That dang holiday – today is Tuesday! Reminder: I only had a half cup of my coffee. I tell the smart lad he’s right and it isn’t until moments later that I realize if his uniform is wrong, they’re all wrong. I scramble to correct my blunder.

Despite all of that I actually got the kids to school on time. I return home and am all anxious to get to work because, it’s the first full day of school so this day is going to be really productive! I get to my laptop and put my password in. Nothing. I tried again and again and again. User name and password is incorrect. Bust #4. I call the helpdesk and well, you all know how that goes. After a 20 minute conversation I tell them, “If you’re not going to help me solve the problem I’m going to call someone who will.” I’ll show them! So I call my IT person, the one who just fixed my computer the other day and after our initial conversation he tells me to go to my local office. UGH. I drive 20 minutes there and now that I am on VPN he remotes into my computer. Immediately the password works for him. Wait, what? He types the password on the screen so I can see it and I’m like ohhhh… Yep, you guessed it, I was assigned a new password the other day and I was mistyping it. My bad! Oh that poor rep on the helpdesk line. I’m sorry!!!

At this point, I know it. I feel it in my bones: THIS DAY IS GONNA BE A BUST! So much for the most friggin wonderful time of the year!

I get home, let my sitter leave and put the kids to bed so I can power work before pick up. Well you know how it goes…when it rains it pours. Da twinkies won’t nap! Bust #5. They rebel! And not only do they rebel but they are literally having a party in their room! Oh joy! And guess what, now it’s time to go pick up the kids. Great, productive day I had! And people wonder why I don’t sleep! Ha!

So I think I am just going to stop here because if I have any more busts I’M GONNA BUST!

And with that said, I hope you all had a great first FULL day back to school!

God bless,


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