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Why This Momma of 8 LOVES Meghan Trainor

16 Jan, 2015

OK, before I get started a few notes:

1. Photo credit to Forbes.

2. This site and this blog, I guess, was meant to be funny but I have decided that if you all want to see more blogs from me I have to change things up because well, I can’t just be funny all the time. I am sure comedians have this problem too, right? Right. So bear with me because sometimes I just ain’t laughing. I may be crying. Or, like today, I may just be smiling…and smirking. Let’s just roll with it, ok? Just like we roll with our hormones. TIA.

So with that said, let’s BLOG.

If you are like me you may never listen to music. Yeah, like ever. But this year I decided to branch out and pull out da old CDs and dance. I love music. I always have. But most of the time I am too busy that I just don’t think to put it on. Sometimes it’s on because my hubby puts it on. Sometimes  my kids do. I always play Christmas music but dat’s all I’ve got. I don’t drive to work…I work from home so I don’t get a lot of car time otherwise I would be more up-to-date in the music world. Anyhoo, one day about 7 months ago I was in a thrift store and I heard All About That Bass and I was like WHAT? That’s an awesome song…great beat. So, I did what I always do, I googled. After the results were in and I read them I was intrigued and I immediately followed her on Facebook. Not only did I follow her but I read ALL of her posts. Like all? YES, all.

And that brings me to point number one. I feel like reading all of her posts I got to know her. It was amazing. And let me preface this by saying I was reading this from the comfort of my own bed, with insomnia, while all 8 of my peeps were sleeping and 1 peep was snoring…next to me. Anywho, she does not have a million posts btw. Her Mom manages or co-manages her page so it was very simple. But I learned about this beautiful girl who battled what we all battle in one way or another, in one time or another: BULLIES. I read about her struggles with weight and beauty. I read about her frustration with her college not understanding her artistic style so she left. I read A LOT. And the more I read the more I loved.

So, I went from geek to sheek. I went from not knowing about anything musical to kinda grasping one of the most up and coming singers in da world. Well go me!!! If I do say so myself. :) And from then on I have loved her. I have watched her grow TREMENDOUSLY in 7 months. She went from something to KILLER something and it’s beautiful to watch.

Another reason why I love her is because she clearly has killer confidence. And when I say KILLER I mean KILLER. How do you know it’s confidence and not pride? Because you just know. You know because she doesn’t boast. She is gracious. She is humble. But she is confident. And she should be. Why? Because she ROCKS. She rocks with her heart and soul. She rocks because she writes or par-takes in writing her music. She rocks because she didn’t settle on her dream. Her school said X she said Y and then left. Good for you, baby because in the business world sometimes Y is better than X but people aren’t savy enough to know that. She’s killer confident because she can sing with just a guitar and a sidekick on a guitar (who clearly adores her and we are watching!) on UM O YEAH JIMMY FALLON.

And that brings me to my next point. She ain’t stupid like her lyrics say. When you follow your heart, it works…be it your job, your vocation, your relationships, your friendships. It is when you try to conform to something you’re not that is when you get into trouble.  You end up in a miserable job…a horrible abusive relationship, and etc. And you spend your life searching because well, you conformed. She doesn’t. She picked up and moved and found something and someone worth working with and that is how her hit well, HIT. :) But keep in mind that this girl worked her butt off, from a very early age to get where she is. She had her own CDs out before this. She kept on keeping on and guess what? THE ENTIRE WORLD REWARDED AND EMBRACED HER FOR THAT. Follow your dreams, what you are called to do and like in my case, what God has called you to do and you will NEVER EVER be happier.

 So then what happened? Well, one night I had my typical insomnia. I worked for my job and went back to bed at 1 am and said OK I am going to bed after I check Facebook. LOL. So I check Facebook and I am reminded (great PR) that  her album was released an hour ago! Hold up…how do I order from a phone…for iTunes? OK…I got this. I even got me a giftcard… OK I got it and WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

 Ok so um, it been me a long time since I got me an “album” but who does an intro? LOVE. Next song, All About That Bass, NEED I SAY MORE? The chick relates to women of all sizes and if you are skinny and not offended you relate too! Dear Future Husband…Oh Good Lord, that song is DANG GOOD. I love it because she covers old and new stereotypes and music and she nails it. Are some of the lyrics risky? Sure. But in her own way she sensors it ON HER OWN and for ME I LOVE that because I am a sensor gal. She speaks to what is real; you work, I work, I will buy you groceries and take care of you if you take care of me. That is great. And that is 50’s mixed in with today’s day and age. Close your eyes is a nice sweet song to break up all the jammin. And there is a message. A killer confident message. 3am…this in a great track for me because I am always awake at 3am. And the song is so relatable for so many single ladies out there. Next song: Like I’m Gonna Lose You…so endearing. Again she slows it down with who other than the very talented John Legend? It is a sweet song with a great message, a great reminder, a great beat. Bang Dem Sticks is catchy but will really relate to people who like drumers. I did once so I get it. LOL. Walkashame is INCREDIBLE. We have all been there in one way or another. Love the idea whether it’s a bad relationship, a bad job, etc. And now, onto Title. When I first heard that her album was called Title I thought to myself, “huh” and stratched my head. But I waited. Well, when I heard the song I was like OH YEAH. Basically I equate Beyonce’s Single Ladies to this year’s hot hit Title. Meghan nailed it with Title. Again the way I relate to it is not only with regards to a relationship but also with regards to work. Don’t we all want a Title or the next Title? Yeah, she rocks it and she may not even know how much…until she reads my blog. LOL. Well, I have a feeling she knows…What if I slows it down again…and just shows her range of hitting other notes and emotions. Lips are moving…need I say more? No. Ok so for those of you who think she is self-centered or prideful listen to No Good For You. And if you are like me, you have tried to prove all she sings to one of your close girlfriends. Or, like me, maybe one of your closest friends has tried to convince you that he is no good for you. LOVE. TRUTH. Onto the next song, Mr. Almost… again, very relatable. A bad friend? A bad partner? A bad job? Amen, sister. And for those of you who think she is selfish, prideful, overly confident in a bad way against men, just listen to My Selfish Heart. She brings a track to the album that speaks to selfishness… when something or someone isn’t right well, it isn’t right even if selfishlessly we want it. And now onto Credit, the last song. Oh Lord. That one was completely hysterical to me because no offense that happens a lot and we don’t know it. You have to listen to the song because well, I can’t. I can’t even…. LOL

So, since I am huge supporter of bucking the system…change…mixing new with the old… AND especially of KILLER CONFIDENCE I think that Meghan Trainor is amazing. She’s on my radar. So Meghan, in the big world out there, don’t lose yourself because you have something very special. You are extremely talented and you are making this Momma of 8’s workouts out a lot more fun since I only listen to your album during them!

God bless,


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