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What’s Weighing You Down?

17 Jun, 2015
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It’s the middle of the night and my mind is racing. I am thinking about a million things all at once and then I stop and remember that though all of these little things matter in one way or another none of it is worth cutting into my sacred sleep or energy supply.

There are so many things that could be weighing us down but what is the point of it all? What good does it do? Nothing. In fact it only absorbs our energy and makes us cranky which trickles over into the lives of everyone placed in our potentially destructive path.

For example let’s talk about weight! Is it the actual number of pounds literally pulling me down or is it the idea in my head that I want to be a certain number again? Sure, I am overweight but I don’t feel like what the scale says…so maybe it’s lying! But I do feel the weight of trying to get to a number that, ya know what, I may never get to again. I have recently lost 17 pounds and though I am still the heaviest post-partum I have been with all my babies I have never felt better! So why am I fretting so much? It is not worth it. I mean when I die is my obituary going to say, “JoAnne Diaz, height 5’6, 140 pounds (yes that was my good number) was a nice lady.” Heck no! It’s not. And like my Momma always said when you get into your 60’s you start shrinking again so maybe I’ll just pig out and wait for the 60’s to work their magic. Joking aside, I eat healthy, enjoy date nights or girls night outs, and do some type of exercise every day so I am just going to stop having the weight or thought of weight weigh me down and I am going to LET IT GO.

Or what about people? This one is a big one for me. I started what I call a toxic people cleansing from my life a long time ago. When I use the word toxic I mean that in the nicest way. Do I love these people? YES. Do I pray for them? YES. But do I want them in my life when all they bring is negativity or drama? HECK NO. They take and take but give nothing or little in return. They call you your sister or friend but they do nothing that represents a true sister or friend. Why would I want someone like that in my life? I would rather live alone in my chaotic bubble. So I started that process and after the cleansing was done I made an effort only to invite good people into my life; people who bring positivity, good energy and people who support me. I would rather have one good true friend then a ton that only weigh me down. So I LET THEM GO.

How about finances? UGH. I will never forget having college loans for the first time. I was young and $10,000 seemed like a million dollars. What I would do now for a $10K school loan! And when I accidentally had a fire and lost everything I was blessed enough to pay off the remainder of my school debt and begin a simple life (which eventually turned excessive again anyways). It was so freeing to not have that debt! Fast forward years later and we live paycheck to paycheck and I am always worried about money. Always? ALWAYS. We have our own school debt, regular project debt, and then all of the bills that come from having a big family. But again, when I am all diva-d out in my casket are the debt collectors going to be there? I highly doubt it. God is something else, I tell you. Because every time I get an unexpected bill I spend a lot time fretting about how to pay for it and then somehow, some way, I get the money. A check arrives from an overpayment or well, you know. So I continually remind myself that I am in His care. He will provide for us. I will continue to pay my bills, work as much as I can, and LET GO and LET GOD.

So, whatever is weighing you down today just remember it’s not worth it. You CAN’T take the scale with you, those toxic people likely WON’T show up for your funeral and you CAN take your debt with you when you go. For me what matters most is God, giving back to Him in this life and taking care of those people in my life that I do care for and love and that do need me. LET IT GO!

God bless,


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