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Product Review: A Teacher’s Guide for Building the 7 Emotional Intelligence Abilities (EQ)

14 Aug, 2016
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Recently I was given a product to review. It’s called, “A Teacher’s Guide for Building the 7 Emotional Intelligence Abilities (EQ)”.  The product itself was created for teachers – of which I was one as well as my husband (now a Superintendent) was. The product is also great for homeschooling parents. I had homeschooled for a few years so I was very curious to check this product out from that perspective as well.

This is a very detailed very comprehensive program. The program includes great visuals as well as tangible items for the kids such as: posters, puppets, activities charts, “wheels”, affirmation charts, books, CDs, stickers, and plush toys. It also has a bullet proof guide for the teacher and/or parent.

The program is all about creating JOY! So it is focused on gifts of love, being a good helper, choosing happy thoughts and making great choices, affirmations of love, expressing being sorry and asking for forgiveness, playing in peace, love and joy and showing appreciation and being grateful!

The program breaks down daily activities which is great to keep teacher and/or parent right on schedule! The children absolutely love the buddy system they have in place as well as the activity and affirmation for each day of the week!

There are themes provided for you to work with which is great for people who run out of ideas and for children who can get easily bored of the same theme. After all you don’t want it to feel like a program right? You want to provide structure without the same old, same old.

Suggestions are given which help move the daily activities on but allow for one to be flexible and change it up a bit.

Overall what I love about this program is that all of it promotes all things good and all things positive and that is what our children need!

In addition to everything mentioned above there are big laminated cards to work with you and your children. I love that they are laminated because otherwise – with the amount of time we used them – they would need to be replaced. The colors and characters are eye catching which keeps the children engaged.

If you are looking for something unique to switch up your classroom or homeschool program take a look at this program! You won’t regret it. As a multi-year Santa Choice Award™ and Marriah Media Gold™ reviewer I am proud to put my name on this product!

You can find more information about this program here.  You can also learn more about Santa Choice Awards here.

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