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Dear Moms…

11 May, 2017
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In honor of the upcoming Mother’s day I dedicate this blogpost to all of you mommas out there in the trenches with me!

To the mom who has suffered the loss of an infant or child in or out of the womb, YOUR ANGEL IN HEAVEN IS WATCHING OVER YOU!

To the mom who gave up her child for adoption yet thinks about them every day, YOUR SACRIFICE WAS NOT IN VAIN!

To the mom who had the worst pregnancy, YOU DID IT!

To the mom who had the best pregnancy, YOU ARE BLESSED!

To the mom who was in labor for three days of hell, YOU SURVIVED!

To the mom who had a super easy labor and delivery, CAN YOU SEND ME SOME OF DEM VIBES?!

To the mom whose body is stretched, scarred, and sagging, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

To the mom whose last ten pounds of baby phat won’t come off, IT WILL! JUST KEEP IT UP!

To the mom who suffers from a postpartum mood disorder, IT WILL END, IT WILL GET BETTER!

To the mom who feels like she is nursing 24/7 and whose nipples are raw and bleeding, IT WILL EASE UP!

To the mom who is up all night with the baby or sick child, SLEEP, WHAT IS SLEEP ANYWAYS?!

To the mom who wakes up to her kid climbing and jumping on her asking for a thousand things when she hasn’t even had her coffee yet, GIVE THE KID THE IPAD AND GET SOME PEACE AND COFFEE!

To the mom who takes care of everyone else’s teeth, ears, butts and etc. without even getting her own shower or change of clothes in, IT WILL GET EASIER!

To the stay-at-home mom who worked her arse off all day long only to be hit with questions like, “So what do you do all day?” NEXT TIME THEY ASK THAT OBSURD QUESTION TELL THEM TO SWAP “JOBS” WITH YOU FOR A DAY!

To the mom who has a job AND works at home, YOU’VE GOT THIS!

To the mom who never gets out or takes time for herself, TAKE CARE OF YOU SO YOU CAN TAKE CARE OF THEM!

To the single mom, WE SUPPORT YOU!

To the mom who is suffering from the loss of a spouse or partner, WE SUFFER WITH YOU!

To the mom whose spouse or partner left her for someone else, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

To the mom who is sick and cannot care for or love her children as she wants to, YOUR TIME WILL COME AGAIN; JUST HEAL!

To the mom who is dealing with empty nest syndrome, THEY WILL RETURN! THEY WILL!

To the mom who is suffering with a child who has an addiction or illness, KEEP ON PRAYING FOR THEM AND FIGHTING FOR THEM AND A CURE!

To the mom who suffers from a chronic illness, YOUR CHILDREN LOVE YOU AS YOU ARE: ILLNESS AND ALL!

To the mom who suffers from clinical depression/anxiety, JUST KEEP SWIMMING!

To the mom taking on other’s children as if they were her own, YOUR REWARD IS ETERNAL!

To the devout mom, JUST KEEP PRAYING!

To the home-schooling mom, YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR!

To the mom of multiples, WE COMMEND YOU (TIMES TWO!)!

To the mom who is a widow, searching for love, YOU WILL LOVE AGAIN!

To the mom who is missing her mom on this earth, YOU WILL MEET AGAIN AND YOUR HEARTS WILL BE FULL OF JOY!

To the mom who is serving in the military and is away from her children, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SACRIFICE AND OUR FREEDOM!

To the mom whose spouse or partner is never home due to work, REACH OUT FOR HELP! SOMEONE WILL STEP UP!

To the mom who wants to conceive again but can’t, WE MAY NOT UNDERSTAND IT OR KNOW WHY BUT “EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON”.

To the mom whose family is far and who has no help, WE FEEL YOU! WE ARE HERE!

To the sports mom who is always running but never for herself, THEY COULD BE THE NEXT MAJOR NFL PLAYER (or etc.)!

To the mom who is always surrounded by (little) people yet always feels alone, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

To the mom who never held a waitress job or was never a chef yet cooks and waits 24/7 on her family, JUST REMEMBER: THEY WILL EVENTUALLY BE WAITING ON YOU!

To the mom who is not a nurse or a doctor (or even is!) and who diagnoses and cures boo-boos, KEEP ON TRUSTING YOUR GUT!

To the mom who is so tired yet serves her husband and his needs even when she doesn’t want to, REMIND THEM THAT DIAMONDS ARE A GIRL’S BEST FRIEND!

To the mom who is done in, from head-to-toe in every sense: spiritual, emotional, physical, mental -with no sight of rest in the future- but keeps on going, WE KNOW, WE GET IT, WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER!

To the moms who unite and help each other out, KEEP ON SUPPORTING EACHOTHER! *A special shout out to the Moms of Forks Township Group! WOOT!

And to all the GRAND-moms out there who take care of us moms and grandkids, THANK YOU (TIMES A MILLION!)!

Mamas, you are loved, you are appreciated, you are supported. Thank you for all you do for your families! May God continue to bless you today and always. And may, on Mother’s Day, your sleep be PLENTY, your trips to the bathroom be BY YOURSELF, your day be sculpted around WHAT YOU WANT TO DO not what they want you to do and, of course, may your wine or mimosas OVERFLOWTH. I love you. Thank you for following, supporting and loving me! Let’s continue to give our children the best example by supporting each other in this the Mommy trenches! Happy Mother’s Day!

Prayers and Blessings Beautiful Moms,

JoAnne XO