What Happens When The Comic Doesn’t Want To Laugh?


What Happens When The Comic Doesn’t Want To Laugh?

30 Jun, 2018
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When I started this website/blog it was really to laugh and to share my comic life with my 9 kids and husband. I have always had a funny streak to me and well, my life is funny thanks to my kids. However, in the past couple of years due to my postpartum depression and anxiety and right now due to my Father’s sudden passing I have not posted here in awhile or even tweeted because well, I just don’t have anything really funny say. Of course I have my funny moments at home with the kids but it is no longer on the top of my mind to tweet that out to make someone chuckle or lighten their spirit. No, grieving is a really crappy process and it leaves little room for joy, happiness, laughter and especially in my case, comedy.

It got me thinking about all these Mom bloggers and YouTubers out there who mainly write, blog, and vlog about funny Mom things. I sit there and wonder…do they ever have bad moments? They must, right? And yet, you may not ever know it because they are always “on” and “up”. They have to be; that’s how they make money! I commend them so much because the past few years’ experiences I have learned that I just can’t be that way. When I am down I am down and I can’t fake being happy.

What I have also been thinking about is how on earth do comedians do it? What happens when the comic doesn’t want to laugh or doesn’t have a joke to tell? What do they do? Look at Robin Williams for example. It was clear that he struggled with mental illness and depression his whole life and yet look at him! He was always funny and always on or so he appeared to be. It must really take a special person to be a comedian and be able to still share that love, laughter and comedy with others even when they may be suffering so much in their own way.

So, as I have said before, I may have to change things up a bit here on this Mom site/blog. I may have to re-brand myself or something if I continue to Mom blog. I will be mulling that over but meanwhile I just wanted to let you know I see your messages, your tweets, and etc. and I am here – I just haven’t really been in the mood to write lately. I hope that will change very soon. After all, I am here now, right? So hopefully more Mom content will be coming to you here.

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