Six Sigma in the home? Absolutely!


Six Sigma in the home? Absolutely!

4 Sep, 2014
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So…the other day my former boss (who is now retired from Johnson & Johnson) called me. I was so excited! Though we send each other Christmas cards each year this was the first time we have actually spoken in years. It was as if it was just yesterday that I was there with her working around the bend from my cubicle! She was calling me because she got my email about this, my beloved online Camaraderie Mom. She wanted to tell me how much she enjoyed my Projectile Poop blog as well as to remind me that I need to let the world know that I do actually work, too. Oh! Yeah…right, um; I do! My husband is the main breadwinner but I help where I can…

So long story short, thanks to her, I found my niche in the workplace. She invested in me and I found out that I loved being a System Administrator. So my peeps (or tweeps depending on where you are reading this), in addition to being a Wife, and Mother of 8, I work part-time from my home as a System Admin for clients who need help with Learning Management Systems. My former boss hired me as a temp, as a Training Coordinator, but when a position in her group presented itself for another role she asked me to assist. I helped, wearing two hats at the same time as a lot of you working folk do, but in the end we had to choose just one role and I ended up with the System Admin role. I am so blessed because even though I loved working at J&J like my Dad and brother, I left the company only because I was offered a job to do the same exact thing FULL TIME (by a financial institution) from the comfort of MY OWN HOME. Need I say more? Nope!

But what dawned on me when she called is that I have done one thing I really wanted to do. I wanted to break the barriers. Meaning this:, people keep asking me what my demographic is. I joke and say, “Yeah, so easy; I am trying to reach people who are a Mom or know a Mom. Nuff said.” As you can imagine, I would gather that the main demographic is: Moms. And that is perfect! However, stay-at-home Dads can relate, too. Grandmas or Grandpas that take care of their grandkids can relate as well. My former boss, who does not have children but has to take care of her parents and in-laws, can relate. College students, I learned this week, can enjoy this and think about it seriously: DO YOU WANT TO BE ME? IN DA PEE? AND ALL… ha ha. Nannies, who are sometimes “the Mom” can relate. This site is not about me. This site is about YOU. I’m here simply to entertain, lighten up, and basically serve you by sharing my war stories. That is what Camaraderie is all about. I’m not online to compete. I salute my fellow Mom bloggers with PRIDE. The world is big enough for all of us to succeed TOGETHER. If you don’t like me, re-tweet me, share me; I honestly don’t mind a bit – I will still do all of that for others if I myself am invested in it. I get it, y’all! But my message is clear. And all who know me, know it. I have killer confidence. If you want to know what I mean, Google Kari Adams and her Killer Confidence Campaign.

With that, let’s get to Six Sigma. Thankfully, in my small roles, I was privileged enough to attend some Six Sigma Training. I will NEVER forget it. I do not know where I use it more; in the workplace or in the home. I am serious! And by the way, no one sue me; I paid my buck for it! LOL! I was on the radio recently and said that something as small as concepts learned in this training COULD CHANGE THE WORLD. And I believe that, especially for those of us rearing children in whatever capacity.

I will give you one example: the “lean” concept. This is how it was delivered to me. You go to make your breakfast; you go get your bread, you go get your butter, you go get your toaster, you go get your knife, you go get your plate. Wouldn’t it make sense if you put your toaster, bread, knife, and plate all in the same vicinity? Because, if you did that, you would save time, steps, energy. When they told me that, I was in! YES! I get it! And unless you are trying to get steps on your pedometer, it’s worth doing at home or in the workplace! So, on days when I don’t use the Six Sigma Methodology in my home I get upset. Today was that day. I knew it. I was making breakfast thinking, “I did it wrong.” But tomorrow’s a new day, so “lean” will be on the menu…

And, in order to fulfill my own Mom’s request, I just want to say one thing to you all today: May God bless you and reward you for all you are doing, no matter what it is!

God bless,


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