Mine! Mine! Mine!


Mine! Mine! Mine!

10 Sep, 2014
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You may think this post is about my kids. Ironically enough, it is not. It’s about me! Ha!

Before I got married everything was mine. I never had to worry about anything been stolen or taken from me. When I got married things slightly changed but not too much. I did not lose items or things as much as I lost out on having my house perfectly clean, doing very little laundry, and the like. I didn’t mind it anyways because after all, that’s what marriage is all about right? The joining of two lives to share da love and share da laundry!

But when I started having my kids that’s when it all went to pot as far as my things. First I lost my time but it was so worth it! Would I personally rather be watching some stupid show on TV or snuggling with a baby? The latter for sure.

Now that I have 8 kids though wow I have lost a lot. Why couldn’t it be pounds (aka weight)? Why couldn’t it be stress? Instead it had to be almost virtually everything else! From the moment I wake up in the morning until the next morning (since I barely sleep) I lose things.

For starters, if I am lucky enough to get in the bathroom alone for a shower the first thing I discover is I have lost my towel! My hubby has stolen it, used it, and left it on the bed all wet. Thanks Mr. Diaz! I have since learned that the only way to have him not steal my towel is to hide it and so I do!

Next, my toothbrush, I must say I am not sure if it was my hubby or the kids. I guess I should be happy that my 18th month old and 2 year old twins love to brush their teeth but must they steal my toothbrush? And once I find it, dare I use it again? I’m not so sure.

Since no one wants to wear my clothes (nor could they fit in them even if they did want to) I’m all good there but the moment I go for my water bottle that’s another story. I could label it, I could hide it and they all would find it. WTH, I ask, is so intriguing about Mom’s water bottle? I guess I should just shut up and rejoice that they aren’t trying to take my coffee cup or wine glass yet, huh?

Then we get to a big one: food. The moment I sit down to eat, and this is after I have fed them food I would die to eat all they want is my food. Aren’t you a normal kid that should delight in pizza and fries? But instead you want my cucumber – the only cucumber I have on my plate?

But today my husband did it. He pushed me over the edge and he even tried to hide it. I never follow him out to the car but today I did. The only reason I followed him was to get my Frozen cd from his car. Sidebar: a year later we are still singing Frozen songs everyday thanks to Mom! So as I am walking out to the car I see my car light on inside. When I get to his car I am about to ask him why my car lights are on and I see it…right there next to him…he stole my Dunkin Donuts coupons! Keep in mind I NEVER go to DND because I am the one who manage the finances so I don’t want to spend that kind of money on myself. I go for special occasions or if I have a coupon or gift card. So, you can imagine how I felt like an angry 5 year old when I saw what he did! And he even tried to hide it! Shame on you, Mr. Diaz!

All joking aside, and as much as I do go around my house mumbling how I want my own towel, toothbrush or whatever – I know that ALL that we have here belongs to all of us. So go ahead hubby and ducklings, enjoy my royal toothbrush to your heart’s delight! For it is all OURS! OURS! OURS!

God bless,




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