Onward and Upward: Livin the Dream!


Onward and Upward: Livin the Dream!

18 Sep, 2014
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So picture this…it’s way after 5 somehere, it’s like 5:35 p.m. and easily Chardy (aka the other BFF, Chardonnay) is way hanging out with me. And I’m just thinking to myself about the pressure my PR firm puts on me. I mean, hell (excuse the French), all I wanna do is write a book to make a buck but no, “she’s” got me doing all this stuff: do the blog, do the Twitter page, do the web site, do the Facebook page. In my mind “she’s” becoming “she was” but we’ll save that for another day. Ok, ok, just kidding. It’s a love hate relationship. She’s right. She’s making me work it and work for it but it basically SUCKS (sorry again for my French which is actually English if we are to be precise. lol!).

So I’m like, “Ok Twitter I get, but Facebook what do I do, how do I get more followers?” So I use my brain. Caution: if you are remotely like me, this may be a temptation to some. If you are in doubt call a Doctor asap! So joking… Anywhoo, upon using my brain I discover something major: ask the experts. And to me, my expert is Deva from mylifesuckers.com. She friggin rocks it to the core! I adore the woman (from a secure standpoint, mind you!). But again, another blog for that, too. Man, I am getting blogged out! lol

So I send Deva a Facebook message which is so dumb and ask her for basically a shout out because I am clueless and she is obviously way not. I am friendless on FB, she is not. So I send the message and step away from the iPhone. Again, my peeps or tweeps, Caution! If you are like me, this may be dangerous to your health. Joking again…of course, in case you did not know that and were ready to sue me for sumthing. :)

It’s now a few hours in and I never hear from my hubby but he decides to call me and says, “OMG! Deva tweeted to you!” So I, being the cocky Mom I am, I say, “Well,  yeah duh…it’s cuz I asked her to!” Immediately I hang up the phone and I am like, wait, what just  happened?! Never let the men see you sweat – no matter what man! So I go to my phone. OMG, she did, she really did and she EVEN sent me a private message with advice. WOW. “Heaven, I’m in Heaven…” At this point I don’t know who I am and where I am. I don’t care. I only know that MY HERO, MY INSPIRATION just recognized ME. Even if it was a small tweet or twit or whatever, yay!!!

So because I am crazy I push it up a notch. I write to her and I tell her THANKS and then I ask her if she would like to be on a show that I co-host which is called Parenting Matters. Well she said yes and the rest is history!

Yesterday I interviewed “her“. Her who stands on the high throne of all time parodies on Youtube! She, who has been seriously one reason I chose to accept the writing/blogging challenge. Deva. She is amazing and today I feel like a million bucks.

Onward and upward we go; we who don’t care…who don’t judge…who want to do something fun in our lives and yet make that fun tangible, meaningful, ENTERTAINING to others.

I feel so blessed. Thank you for making my day, Deva. Click here to listen to our interview.

God bless.


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