Back to School & The Dreaded Supply List!


Back to School & The Dreaded Supply List!

25 Aug, 2014
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It’s that time of year again. As my one friend calls it, “The Most Wonderful Time of The Year!” That’s right we are back to school! Can I get a woot?! It’s that time of year when some of us shop way in advance. The time when others, like me this year, wait until the very last minute to go…back to school shopping.

You could imagine my great dismay when I printed out the school supply list and saw that it was 18 pages long. Now granted were all of those pages for me? No, thank the Lord above. However, it was enough to make this post partum woman tear up a bit. Do I laugh? Do I cry? Neither, I just must forge ahead and get er’ done!

So let me ask some questions though… If one list says large glue stick and another says glue stick are we to assume that the latter is a small glue stick? I fear for my life if I get it wrong. What will the staff say of me if it’s the wrong size? Will the kids pick on my child? Oy… Is it better to buy a smock or actually provide an old shirt? Must the wipes be pop up? I’ve talked to the other Moms and I dunno but I’m pretty sure a 12 pack of crayons was never ever created…just sayin.  Are scissors really allowed at schools still or isn’t that a danger to society? What will you do to me if the pencils aren’t sharpened? What’s the great risk of earbuds, I really want to know?! Did you know what the word perforated meant or did you google it?

OMG! Seriously? Who created school supply lists anyways? :) And why, oh why! can’t we just write one check for ALL of the supplies?! I mean if we already have to buy certain items from the school store why not make our lives easier and just have us by all of them there? It seems logical to me, no? I think it’s because secretly the teachers and staff like to torture us. lol! Did you see the latest Back to School Video where they joke about the supplies? It’s seriously enough to make someone either stay in bed all day or take up (MORE) drinking! Especially for folks like me who currently have FOUR children in the same school. I thought the lady at the dollar store was going to shoot me when she had to ring up 17 antibacterial wipes. Yes, you read that right: 17! Oy vey!

On a lighter note, I guess it’s all worth it, is it not? All that running around to see my children get a good education…and me, some peace and quiet. :)

So, with all that said, I hope you have your supply lists complete and ready to go!

Happy Back to School!

God bless,


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