Why I need my own reality show.


Why I need my own reality show.

16 Jul, 2015
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So today I did it. I finally did it! After years of waiting to be discovered I went to TLC’s website and applied for a reality show! Everyone and their Mother have been telling us for years that we need our own show. I agree!

Growing up I wanted to be a model. I will say that then I had the looks. On the side I always loved to mimic people so I always thought about acting as well. But after all the portfolios and whatnot I decided not to continue with it. I ended up in the Fashion Industry which I loved! As the years passed I decided to venture out into another field which is Information Technology. This field has allowed me to work from home for so many years. I still love Fashion but today my IT degree is paying my bills!

With all that said I am used to the camera and clearly, in this day of selfies and technology so are my kids! My hubby has his own YouTube channel and he loves making his own videos. You know how you see all those family parodies or holiday videos? We have been asked to do them and we want to do them. We are just afraid…afraid of going viral. But we joke because know we are going to do it someday!

Recently we had our first magazine article which was awesome! To see all of us in a magazine was just surreal! It was a big accomplishment for me personally since I have only been working at this Blog and my book since last August. When I saw it, the hard copy and even the online version, I thought, well, it’s out there; we’re out there now so why not try to move forward with potentially a reality show?!

So aside from everything mentioned above there are several reasons why we need our own reality show:

  1. You need the entertainment!
  2. We need the money!
  3. We love The Duggars and while we are devout Catholics we are in a bucket of our own. I am a full on diva unlike Michelle and, though I commend her, my sanity is always on the edge and I am not as composed as her (which makes for better drama!).
  4. We also love John and Kate plus 8 but again, we are different… and thank God, right now, we are still a unit and plan on remaining that way.
  5. Drama sells and we, um, have a lot of drama here!
  6. If major viewers love the concept of big families even though they may not have one then they will love the realities that come with having a big family (especially when they are different from what is out there now or what has been out there in the past).
  7. If people want to feel they will feel with our lives! Each day we go through a range of emotions: happiness, sadness, being overwhelmed, sanity, insanity and etc. Since there are 10 of us that is A LOT OF EMOTION for one day!
  8. When people asked me to write a book they asked me to basically write how I do it so if they want to know they can see it for themselves!
  9. In a world of much darkness this type of show would be light. It ebbs and flows but overall we have a lot of joy and love! We want to spread that joy and love to others!
  10. The Duggars show was cancelled so we need a new show, right? Right.

So yeah, TLC, call me PLEASE! –wink-

God bless,


P.S. For those of you who did not see the article here is a link to the online version:


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