The Balancing Act: From Wife to Mom to Worker

The Balancing Act: From Wife to Mom to Worker

5 Oct, 2016
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OMG. I am done. Done, done, DONE! But wait, I can’t be done because I’m da Momma! So onward we go!

Part of the book I am working on right now is mainly focused on how I manage it all. Many have asked me how I do it all since they know that I am a wife, I am a Mom to 9 kids ages 10 and under and because I also work part-time from home which, as we all know, part-time can very well easily turn into fulltime!

I am not gonna lie when I say that nine times out of ten it sucks, like royally. However, I would not trade it – any of it – for the world. I am married to the best man on the planet and I long for date nights or trips away alone with him. I have the most incredible children and because there are so many there is so much love! I have had a great job for over four years which allows me to work from the comfort of my own home around my kids’ schedules so I can’t complain but I do.

I complain because I am one person. I complain because my husband has many late nights due to his career. I complain because – since I hated school/learning until I was in my mid 20s AFTER college – I hate homework and it can take for-ever! I complain because sometimes the juggling act is too much.

I have often thought about a Mom blog focused on working Mommas and Moms who work from home (those who “work” for a job and also work for their families or, shoot-me-now BOTH). I opted to keep it all on this blog since I love this blog and…since I have another one so three blogs? Yeah, no…too much for me to manage or um, balance!

So how do you Mommas how there balance it all? What is your secret? I would love to hear it. Because sometimes I look (or don’t even look) at myself in the mirror and wonder if I will actually survive all of this! There are emails and projects to be finished, there are starving kids, there are kids without clothes  (wearing summer clothes and um, we in fall my peeps!), there is a husband neglected, and um, a wife who looks like hell because she is lucky if she showers each day. #justkeepingitreal

Right now I say I do it on “a wing and a prayer”. And wine. Lots of wine. And then of course someone who can be there to talk to after the wine runs out. Thanks bff.

Whatever your secret is Momma, as I always say, rock on with your bad self. You are doing a great job! #justkeepswimming

God bless,


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