When You Sabotage Your Own…

When You Sabotage Your Own…

17 May, 2017
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So today I was thinking about how I have, unintentionally, sabotaged so many “things” in my life. For example, I did not realize until recently what one of my triggers was for my very own mental health. Here I was, rolling along, trying to do the holistic gig and doing things that I thought I loved and thought were good for me or made me feel better mentally and yet, I discovered – through trial and error – that some of those very things were actually sabotaging that which I was working towards… 

And then I thought about how that happens in so many areas of this, our human lives. Take love for example, how many times do we “fall” in love with the wrong person? And we know it. Or, maybe we do not know it but EVERYONE ELSE does…and they tell us and yet we stay with that person. And then it ends up being a perpetual sabotage of our love lives.

Or, another example could be our “diets”. We “diet” or we hard-core exercise or we do both and then we end up pigging out and/or binge drinking. All of our hard work and dedication to get in shape has been sabotaged by our love for food and drink.

How can we forget our spiritual lives? When we mumble or “recite” prayer after prayer when really we could just sit down and have a heart-to-heart conversation with God, as our best friend. Wouldn’t that be better than rambling? Speaking with authentic love from the depths of our souls but maybe without actual words?

What about that job? That “career” that you long for? Did you settle? Did you allow a dollar amount or dictating parent sabotage your dreams?

As a mom and a wife I felt like my temper can easily sabotage what I want to be as a mother and wife. Screaming, losing my cool, being a bad example, cursing, kicking, and whining! I may at times be worse than our spawn!

Welp, I don’t know ’bout you but today I am going to pretend like it’s January 1st and I am going to start again; on all accounts and I am going to try my best not to let anything or anyone (myself included) sabotage the God-given desires of my mind, body and soul. After all, would our Creator really want that for us? I think not.

God bless,


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