Happy Father’s Day!


Happy Father’s Day!

18 Jun, 2017
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I cannot believe I have never blogged on or for Father’s day! I went to search this morning thinking I had but nope, I have not! That is a cryin shame since I have blogged several times on Mother’s day! Please forgive me, my Daddy, my hubby and all the Fathers out there!

So first, a big Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dads out there. I hope and pray that you all have a wonderful day full of all that ye fancy!

Today I am dedicating this post to my wonderful husband and the Father of our nine beloved children. If God could have told me that I would have met and married a man such as my husband I would have said that were impossible! But, as we know, “with God ALL things are possible”.

When you date a prince, when you marry a prince every day is a date day, every day is a wifey day, and every day is Mother’s day. A prince always thinks of his princess and that is how my husband has always been. Are there days or moments in every day where I am sure he’d like to reconsider his nuptial contract? YES. Are there days or moments in every day where I would like to not find a remote control in the fridge or turn his semi-hearing from selective hearing to active¬†listening? YES. But all-in-all I cannot imagine life without my Nicholas.

Nowadays with all of the crime and mental health issues in the world we can see quite clearly how important the role of a Father is. It is so very important for the Father to be present – in every way – in their child’s life. I am blessed that I married an educator because not only does my husband attend to the education of his students he also has a big role in the education and formation of his children.

My Father-in-law was clearly a great role model for my husband. When I met my husband he would not let me walk on the outside of the street – he always pulled me aside so he would be on the outside. I had never heard or seen that before but he did not know any different because that is how his Father was and still is. Holding doors open, pulling out chairs, walking around to open car doors – all of that was second nature to my husband because of his Father.

One of the greatest gifts as a Mother is seeing that “tradition” passed down to my children. Whenever I open the garage door to come home from grocery shopping there are my boys, even the little ones, running out to help unload the car. The toddler even gets offended if he is not included in the helping! When my husband has a late night and I am at my wits end there is my eldest telling me, “Mom, go take a hot shower; I’ve got this!” And I do. Because that is what my husband does to me and my son is clearly trying to take care of me like my husband does and that is a great practice for any child whether he gets married or not!

People often ask me how I do it all. The truth is I don’t. My husband is in the game 150% or more even if I give 100% or less. He is the glue that holds us together in every sense. He provides for us financially and spiritually. He attends to all of our needs. When I need a break I get it no matter how many times a day I may need my own time out! When the kids need to get out he takes them. When the kids want to play games or football or ANYTHING he is there doing it. When I need to lighten up he is the one there making me smile again. After he has long days at work he comes home and immediately takes over. He is not just a role model to our children but to me too.

I am so very thankful for my husband first as my husband and best friend but also as the Father of our children. I may have had the best Dad in the world but I think my children have the best day in the world too! Nicholas, thank you for all that you do for all of us every single day. Thank you for being the best role model as man, Catholic, husband, friend, son and Father. I love you; we love you and we would be lost without you.

Happy Father’s Day!

God bless,


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